The Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days Sapphire High End Clone Watch

At Baselworld 2018 there have been many highlights, including, but not restricted to, the uptick from women’ instrument watches, the Rainbow Daytona, and more powerful, consumer-friendly pieces than ever. However, one of the biggest surprises to me was my odd affinity for the Hublot big bang tourbillon power reserve 5 days all black replica watches Big Bang Tourbillon 5 Days Sapphire. While this watch is may be one of the more ridiculous pieces of our time (I mean, who really needs this opinion?) I could not help but respect this, and here’s why.

Let us get it out of the way: Hublot big bang tourbillon power reserve 5 days titanium replica watch is not for everyone. In fact, Hublot big bang geneve tourbillon power reserve 5 days replica isn’t for a lot of people (particularly me, typically) however you need to give the credit for always pushing boundaries, while it’s associated with aesthetics, mechanics, or materials. Stephen coated the highlight of this year’s fresh collection — the Big Bang Unico Red, the very first watch with a red ceramic case — in a First Take video, but the opinion that actually did it for me was the Big Bang Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days Sapphire. You might say it is a bit different.

This watch is the latest iteration of the Big Bang Power Reserve Tourbillon 5 Days, it is only the first time the watch was rendered in sapphire crystal, a material concept first researched by Hulbot back in 2016. The first Big Bang Sapphire created a name for itself by being the second”clear” watch to reach on the luxury timepiece marketplace. It was Richard Mille who debuted a clear watch with the RM56-02 Tourbillon Sapphire (a growth in the 2012 RM 056) using polished sapphire crystalclear.

The movement powering this watch is the grade HUB6016, which is an in-house, manually wound tourbillon with a huge 115-hour power reserve. If you’re keeping track, that is actually 4.79 days, maybe not a whole five, but I will give Hublot big bang tourbillon 5-day power reserve indicator imitation the five hours and sleepless minutes here. This is not a new movement, but rather a variant on the one used in the prior Big Bang Tourbillon 5 Days versions (like the Magic Gold variant ). But this time the main dish, with its concentric circle bridges, is made from acrylic, ongoing the transparent theme throughout. It is really cool to see this caliber in this different way — it’s already a striking design as is, and which makes it at an unorthodox material really takes things to the next level.

The real reason I love this view though is because of how it looks about the wrist. I really don’t understand what it is exactly, but I dig it. I believe it’s something to do with the fact that clear watches are reminiscent of my pre-teen Swatch years. Or maybe it has to do with the juxtaposition between both high and low of a clear watch and the price tag, which ain’t low at all ($148,000 to be accurate ). Whatever it is, I can’t help but dream of being someone with not a financial care on earth where I could just drop a serious chunk of change on a Hublot big bang tourbillon power reserve 5 days sapphire clone made out of sapphire crystal.

The Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days Sapphire is limited to a series of 99 pieces and is priced at $148,000. There is also a version using a diamond-set bezel available for $190,000, too limited to 99 pieces.

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