Month: December 2017

U-Boat U-1942 Limited Edition Very Cheap Clone Watch

Apparently according to a never actually made design from 1942, the limited variant U-Boat u-1942 65mm replica watch U-1942 watch is a Italian blast from the past. The story goes that the Italian Navy commissioned a special watch to be made, but it never made production. This U-1942 watch is based directly on this design —

Anatomy of Top U-Boat U-1001 Replica Watches

In 1942, Ilvo Fontana, an Italian watchmaker, was commissioned to make a timepiece to be employed by his country’s naval officers. Unfortunately, perhaps because Italy was in the middle of a significant war, the deal has been aborted before production started. Ilvo’s designs and prototypes were rediscovered by his nephew, Italo Fontana, also became the

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire Swiss Replica Watch

Last week we introduced you our hands on review of this Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari King Gold here. Because this view is pretty much the specific same opinion but with a totally polished sapphire crystal clear case, we will continue to keep the data relatively indistinguishable with a few tweaks here and there. The next time

Hublot’s Masterpiece (MP) Collection Best Replica Watch

Long known for its Big Bang, Classic Fusion and King Power Versions, Hublot mp collection mp-05 laferrari replica watch‘s unique MP Set was unveiled at the Geneva Trade Show in January 2011 with the introduction of the”MP-01.” These record-breaking pieces are made possible by a team of 30 developers and engineers devoted entirely to grand