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Oris Replica Watches began in 1902 underneath the brand Lohner & N?gelin in H?lstein like a local watch factory. In 1903 the organization registered the brand Oris. In 1904 Paul Cattin and Georges Christian required within the factory and till 1960 manufactured only watches with pin-lever escapement. As soon as 1930 the daily production arrived at about 7000 watches. These were offered to Europe, Nz, South Usa and China.

After 1945 the organization effectively took part in chronometer tests from the Swiss testing laboratory and till 1958 received roughly 1,500 chronometer certificates because of its wrist watches. Within the sixties Oris Motor Sport Replica was among the ten biggest watch producers in Europe. Within the quartz crisis at approximately 1970, which hit producers of mechanical watches, Oris was absorbed through the ASUAG.

In the finish from the 1990 years the organization using the new model series XXL along with a TT1 reorientated towards large, heavy and conspicuous sports watches with masculine design. The model range was broadly transformed, and just the present form of the Large Crown still consists of echoes from the earlier style.

To be able to improve their awareness one committed to cool product lines, along with a strong corresponding advertising. New distinguishing mark was the red rotor from the mostly ETA-based automatic watch movements that was visible with the transparent case back. Probably the most exclusive projects may be the more recent model TT1 Meistertaucher (Master Diver) - it's waterproof as much as depths of just one,000 meters.

Since 2003 Oris Watches happens like a sponsor from the F1 team Williams. In recognition of Ralf Schumacher and also the Williams F1 team a limited edition was released. The replica watches of the edition incorporated a carbon dial bearing the signature of Ralf Schumacher. A second hand part in the gearbox or even the engine of the F1 vehicle was put into each watch.

The Oris Williams F1 Replica collection includes the ranges Motor Sports, Aviation, Diving and Culture. Within the latter, you will find classic models along with the series Miles, created for famous jazz music artists, that is accompanied with a special model for Bob Dylan.

Here are the series of the Oris Diving Replica watches:

Motor Sports: TT3 Chronograph, Chronoris, chronograph in the style of the 1970s and Partnership with WilliamsF1:WilliamsF1 Team Chronograph, WilliamsF1 Team Skeleton Engine Date. Aviation: Big Crown, model classic, Flight Timer and Hunter. Diving: Divers GMT Date and Regulateur "Meistertaucher" (Master Diver).Culture: Oris Artelier Hand Winding and Oris Artelier Worldtimer.Special Editions: Oris TT3 Formula Gold LE, motor sports chronograph and Col Moschin Limited Edition, dive watch / special operations watch.