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The roots of the trademark Omega Replica return to the Comptoir détablissage Louis Brandt, that they opens in 1848 in the youthful chronilogical age of only 23 years in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Using the watches he travels through Europe to be able to drive them personally towards the appropriate clients. Using the entry of his sons Louis-Paul and César Brandt the organization title changes to Louis Brandt & Fils.

Following the dying of the father in 1879, the sons visit Biel, where they get a factory building that they progressively develop a modern production. It's the chronilogical age of mechanization, and inspired by American manufacturing techniques they equip the factory with modern machines. Additionally they open new marketplaces, like the American. The organization keeps growing accordingly fast, to ensure that in 1889 having a labor force of 600 employees already 100,000 watches are created.

In 1894 a new, 19-lignes pocket watch movement is developed. The banker Henri Riekel indicates the siblings to it "Omega", following the last letter from the Greek alphabet, to represent the ultimate stage of possible perfection ("Alpha to Omega").

The standard from the aforementioned pocket Swiss Replica Watches watch also matches the honours it reaps: 1896 it receives the gold medal around the Geneva exhibition, as well as in playboy released through the Fédération Horlogère it's possible to read: "The Omega is really a amazing watch. That is certainly worth two times its cost. That's the only real factor you could complain about."

When both business proprietors die in 1903 the organization is re-named to S.A. Louis Brandt & Frère,Best Omega Replica Watches. and handled by six of the direct descendants. Because of the outstanding technical production equipment, they are unable to only keep pace in most emerging industries of the watch-making industry, but even march ahead: wrist watches, sports watches, military watches, Swiss pilot's watches, navy watches, automotive watches, ladies watches and complications.

The status that Swiss Made Omega had acquired because of its precision watches since 1848, at the start of the twentieth century brought the organization to go in the field of sports measurement. In 1932 National Olympic Committee in La made the decision for that first time for you to trust just one watch manufacture - Omega - to arrange and carry out the entire Olympic timekeeping. Since that time, Omega continues to be granted this privilege 21 occasions, an archive of all watch producers.

The Omega Replica Watches model range today includes mainly four collections: Constellation, De Ville, Seamaster und and Speedmaster. There's even the "Specialties" range, such as the "Specialties Tourbillon", and also the Omega Museum Collection with watches inside a retro design.